How to Type in Telugu on WhatsApp? Step-by-Step Guide


Are you eager to express yourself in Telugu while using WhatsApp? Good news! In this article, we will guide you through the How to Type in Telugu on WhatsApp, regardless of whether you’re using a mobile device or an iPhone.

 We’ll also introduce you to some helpful apps that can assist you in your Telugu writing journey. 

Five simple Steps to type Telugu on Whatsapp:

Enable Telugu Keyboard on Your Mobile Device:

To begin typing in Telugu on WhatsApp, you first need to enable the Telugu keyboard on your mobile device. Head over to your device settings and find the “Language & Input” section.

 From there, add the Telugu language as an input option. Once enabled, you can easily switch to the Telugu keyboard while using WhatsApp.

Use Transliteration for English Keyboards:

If you’re using an English keyboard and want to type in Telugu, transliteration is your solution. There are several apps available that provide transliteration functionality. 

One popular option is “Google Indic Keyboard.” Simply install the app, select Telugu as your preferred language, and start typing in English. The app will automatically convert your English words into Telugu script.

 Explore Telugu Keyboard Apps:

For those who prefer typing directly in Telugu, numerous Telugu keyboard apps are available. One notable app is “Telugu Keyboard” which offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of Telugu characters.

 After installing the app, you can easily switch to the Telugu keyboard within WhatsApp and start typing in your preferred script.

Leverage Telugu WhatsApp:

Another exciting feature for Telugu enthusiasts is the availability of Telugu WhatsApp. WhatsApp offers language customization options, allowing you to set the app’s language to Telugu.

 By doing so, the entire WhatsApp interface, including menus, buttons, and notifications, will be displayed in Telugu, providing a seamless experience for Telugu speakers.

Get Creative with Stickers and Emojis:

To add a touch of creativity to your Telugu conversations on WhatsApp, make use of Telugu stickers and emojis. There are dedicated sticker packs and emoji keyboards available that provide a wide variety of Telugu-themed stickers and emojis. 

These expressive visuals can enhance your Telugu conversations and make them more engaging and fun.

Top 5 Best Apps for Telugu Writing in Whatsapp:

Google Indic Keyboard:

Google Inidc keyboard for Telugu Typing

Google Indic Keyboard is a versatile app that supports multiple Indian languages, including Telugu. It offers transliteration functionality, making it easy to type in Telugu using an English keyboard.

Telugu Keyboard:

Telugu Keyboard for Telugu Typing

Telugu Keyboard is a dedicated Telugu typing app that provides a comprehensive Telugu character set and a user-friendly interface. It allows you to type directly in Telugu and switch seamlessly to the Telugu keyboard within WhatsApp.


Lipikar for Telugu Typing

Lipikaar is a popular multilingual typing app that supports Telugu along with several other languages. It offers a unique predictive typing feature, making Telugu typing faster and more efficient.

SwiftKey Keyboard:

Swift Keyboard for Telugu Typing

SwiftKey Keyboard is a highly customizable keyboard app that supports Telugu typing. It offers accurate autocorrect and predictive typing, along with various customization options to suit your preferences.


Gboard for Telugu typing

Gboard, developed by Google, is a widely used keyboard app that supports Telugu typing. It offers a seamless user experience, incorporating features like glide typing, voice input, and built-in search capabilities.


Now that you have the knowledge and tools to type in Telugu on WhatsApp, the world of expressing yourself in your native language awaits you.

Whether you choose to enable the Telugu keyboard on your mobile device, utilize transliteration, or explore dedicated Telugu keyboard apps, the choice is yours.

 Don’t forget to leverage Telugu WhatsApp for a complete Telugu experience. With the help of the recommended apps, you can enhance your Telugu writing skills and make your conversations on WhatsApp more vibrant and enjoyable. So, start typing in Telugu and let your words flow freely!

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Open WhatsApp, tap the text input field, switch to the Telugu keyboard, and start typing in Telugu characters.

Download "Google Indic Keyboard," set it to Telugu, switch to the English keyboard, and type in English to automatically transliterate into Telugu.

Install a Telugu keyboard app like "Telugu Keyboard" or "Lipikaar" from the app store, enable it in your device settings, and start typing in Telugu.

Once the Telugu keyboard is enabled, tap the corresponding keys to input the desired Telugu characters from the alphabet.

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